Adding Dynamics CRM Lead Sharepoint Designer Workflow Action

Adding Dynamics CRM Lead Sharepoint Designer Workflow Action

I put together a custom SharePoint Designer workflow action which is capable to add a record to Lead entity through Dynamic CRM web services.

Please find Source Code from here.

Input Parameters:

  • Dynamics CRM Organisation Service Url: http://{Server}/{Organization}/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc
  • Login Username:login account username
  • Login Password: login account password (For security consideration, this password need to be encrypted. A custom password encryption tool has been developed to generated the encrypted password using RSA, see below)
  • Domain: domain of the login user
  • Dynamics CRM Service Account: The service account which MSCRM web services run on.
  • Lead details: Lead subject, First Name, Family Name, Company, Email, Telephone

Password Encryption Utility Tool:

This source code of this tool is located in the same solution of the workflow action with project name as: Linxiao.SP.Workflow.AddCRMLead.PasswordEncryptTool

Deployment Note:

Please do not forget to add the following entry to Web.config file of your sharepoint site:

<authorizedType Assembly="Linxiao.SP.Workflow.AddCRMLead.Library, Version=, Culture=neutral,
PublicKeyToken=21941ab7d1caf357" Namespace="Linxiao.SP.Workflow.AddCRMLead.Library"
TypeName="*" Authorized="True" />

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